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Kazybek Bi Medical Center

Radiology, Polyclinic and Laboratory

Address: Kazybek bi, 12B
0500000, Almaty

About the Center

Our Kazybek Bi Medical Center was the first installment of Orhun franchise in Kazakhstan. It began its operations in 2015 as a radiology center that had set a groundbreaking example of its kind with the most updated high-tech devices and its experienced physicians. The radiology department offers MRI, CT scans, X-rays, densitometry, mammography and ultrasound examinations.

In 2017, the center expanded its activities by adding a polyclinic to the complex. The polyclinic includes medical services such as cardiology, physical therapy, gynaecology, rehabilitation, neurology, internal medicine and many more.

Recently, a laboratory and a day hospital were added to our wellness complex. Today Orhun Medical Kazybek Bi Medical Center is proud to serve patients not only from Almaty, but also from neighboring regions and cities.

Business Hours:

Radiology: 7/24

Polyclinic: 9:00 — 18:00

Laboratory: 8:00 — 17:00


Call-center: 2814

Address: Kazybek Bi St., 12B

0500010, Almaty